Coinfirm: authorities “forgot” about access to wallets with bitcoin forks.

The authorities ignore large amounts in the forks of Bitcoin when confiscating digital assets from attackers. This is the subject of a study by the analytical company Coinfirm.

The authors of the report mention the seizure of 69,370 BTC by the US Department of Justice in connection with the Silk Road darknet market. At the time, law enforcement officials said they had received an equivalent number in Bitcoin Trend App, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Gold.

However, the owner of the address under the nickname Invididual X, who gave the coins to the authorities, may still have access to “millions of dollars”. Coinfirm claims that the US government has overlooked wallets with several forks of the first crypt currency.

According to the company, 693,701 Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), 69,370 Super Bitcoin (SBTC) and over 69,370 Bitcoin Private (BTCP) may be associated with the original wallet. The total amount of these assets is estimated at $387,000 at the time of writing.

“Coinfirm has identified dozens of cases where law enforcement agencies may have unknowingly left significant funds available instead of accounting for and seizing these assets,” the company said.

In late August, the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit for the confiscation of cryptographic currency from 280 accounts allegedly linked to hackers from the DPRK.

In November, the agency, at the request of the Brazilian authorities, seized crypt currency worth $24 million from a likely organizer of the fraudulent scheme.

The United States Federal Marshal Service (USMS) is responsible for implementing the confiscated digital assets in the USA. Recall that in February USMS sold 4040 BTC at auction.

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